A is for Act your Age – Not!


Act your Age! Not!

So 60 is the new 40, right?  And what does that mean to all of us naturally beautiful and healthy senior women?  What does “act your age” mean in today’s world?

We used to be able to look at a person and tell from the way they dressed or wore their hair or their makeup if they were 20 or 30 or 60 or 80.  Now it’s pretty hard to tell.  And do we really want to stereotype ourselves at first glance?  Not according to the cosmetic surgery industry which is making a fortune on fillers and Botox and tucks and lifts.

I believe you should take care of your looks and preserve your natural beauty by eating right, exercising and drinking plenty of water.  You’ve got a lot of leeway after that though.  But certain things should be forgotten if you’re past a certain age (you decide what that is, not me!) -

Granny pants or muffin tops

Back fat and saggy breasts or uniboobs

Too much skin exposed or too much cleavage hanging out

Too much bling-y jewelry, too much jewelry of any kind

Big fur coats and great big hair

Too much perfume or too much lipstick

Too high jeans or too low-rise jeans (see above for muffin tops!)

Jeans that are too tight or skirts that are too short

Matchy-matchy clothes or clothes from Forever 21 when you’re forever 65

Long red nails or chipped and  discolored nails

Roots showing or ashy looking gray hair

Age spots on your hand (I once had a guy tell me my face looked 30, but my hands looked 60!!!)

Yellow or grey teeth

Foundation that looks too thick and stops at your neck

Lips that are too thin or lips that are too plumped

Lipstick bleeding into fine lines and lipstick on your teeth

Too much eyeliner or too little eyelashes

Glittery eye shadow or no eye makeup

Looking like you tried too hard or looking like you didn’t try at all.

Natural Beauty at 60



Come on ladies, you are gorgeous – look that way, own your power, and act your age – Remember 60 is the new 40!


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