F is for Facelift – Fageddaboudit????

Celebrities Without Makeup

Demi - Yes? No? Maybe?

Look at these beautiful women – no facelifts for them.  Just healthy skin care regimens, a lot of good food, tons of great drinking water, and a good attitude!

Maybe yes, maybe no????


Cost Range:

Average Total Cost: $9,500
Surgeons fee: $6,000
Anesthesiologist: $1,200
Facility fee: $1,700
Hospital fee: $600

If some of the world’s most beautiful (Demi) and most successful (Oprah) women cut a little here and cut a little there (shhh, I’m not telling!), why wouldn’t you?

Because you are a naturally beautiful healthy senior woman and you care about your natural health and your body’s safety more than you care about your outward looks.  At least I hope so!

The risks and complications of facelift surgery are many.  Number one, it’s surgery – and any surgery involves risks with adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, hematomas, damaged facial nerves and paralysis, wounds that won’t heal (especially in smokers).

If you’re concerned about the consequences, first do your research.  Find out about the doctor’s reputation, speak to some of the doctor’s success stories and some the doctor’s failures.  Assess your reasons for wanting to do the surgery – realize that it will change your looks, not necessarily your life.  Be realistic about the financial investment – can you really afford it?  Are there healthier alternatives about which you might feel more comfortable in the long run?

If you still say a resounding, Yes!  Well, then go ahead.  If no – stop right there and look at the healthier alternatives to cosmetic surgery in the next few posts.

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