W is for Walk this Way, Part 2

Walk Properly for Natural Health

5.  Vary the level.  Start by walking on a flat surface, a sidewalk, or a track at the nearest school.  Once you’re comfortable with walking at least twenty minutes, look for some elevations and start to walk up hills.

6.  Get a pedometer.  Keeping track of fitness exercise, as well as food intake, is a great way to monitor your progress and keep you on the right track (pun intended!).  Even if you can only walk 5 minutes in one day, put it on your chart.  Every step counts and seeing the steps you have taken will keep you going!

7.  Try out some walking music.  You can make your own playlist to listen to while you’re out there, or you can purchase or borrow from a library one of the great walking tapes that have been made.  I personally love the Richard Simmons walking tape – he’s funny, he’s walking along with you, and the music is great!

8.  Find a walking buddy or a walking group.  It’s always fun to have someone to exercise with, and it’s also safe.  If you’re going to be walking anywhere that might be less than secure, it’s good to walk with someone.  Lots of schools and local Ys have walking groups.  You’ll find fun friends and maybe even have some laughs!

9.  Stretch before and after each walking workout.  You’ll want to loosen the muscles that you’ll be using.  Rotate your ankles, lunge to lengthen your hamstrings, and stretch out your quads – all for a better workout and less injuries.  Cool down after your walk by slowing down before you stop.  Stretch again at the end.

10.  HAVE FUN!  Smile at people as you walk.  Look around at nature.  Enjoy yourself.


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4 Responses to W is for Walk this Way, Part 2

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  2. Walking is such a pleasure especially when it is in a beautiful or interesting environment, like amid the colorful buildings, friendly people and on the cobble stoned streets of San Miguel de Allende. See you there soon!

    • It’s easy to do a lot of walking when it’s scenic, cool, and full of interesting people to look at and talk with.
      San Miguel is one of the best places to walk!

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