E is for Emme – Extra Sized Extra Beauty

Emme - a Real Natural Beauty

Emme Doll - Plus Sized natural Beauty

Emme – a doll whether she’s live or plastic.  The Emme doll is supposed to have a full figure and breasts and hips like her real-life inspiration, the absolutely gorgeous no-matter-what-size Emme, who has been named the hottest, most beautiful plus sized model of the year many times.

But Emme does so much more than her plastic replica can – she has led the way for many young girls to raise their self-esteem and deal with eating disorders as the chair ambassador to the National Eating Disorder Association (EDPA – http://www.edap.org/).  Emme has hosted her own reality TV show – “More To Love” which has spawned similar shows like TLC Discovery’s Big Sexy http://tlc.discovery.com/tv-schedules/series.html?paid=2.15911.56499.41718.x which portray women size 12 – 20 as sexy, dateable, feminine, voluptuous and desirable.

In a society where “plus-size” can mean size 8 (help!!!) and size 18 is not even carried in stores, Emme has stepped forward to burst all these myths and say that real women can be beautiful no matter what size they are.

Just a word about that Emme doll – that’s what they think is a plus-sized figure???  I guess compared to Barbie, the doll of no size and no breasts and no hips, the Emme doll is a little more life-like!

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2 Responses to E is for Emme – Extra Sized Extra Beauty

  1. Zero Tolerance Man

    Oh please, big fat women should not be celebrated. They are raising healthcare costs for all of us. they should be taught to keep the fork out of their mouths and to hit the treadmill. Fat women are NOT attractive to a man. Women have gotten so fat in the USA, then men now have to take viagra to get excited. Terrible.

    • I agree that obesity is a big health issue, especially in the United States. However, there are some really sexy large women and a lot of men who love them in all their natural beauty!

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