C is for Chia – Chomp ‘em and Chew ‘em

Chia for Natural Health

Yes, we are talking about those same seeds that grew those silly Chia Pets – one of those inventions wouldn’t you have liked to come up with.  But unlike Pet Rocks, these plant growing seeds have some other very valuable, very useful nutritional benefits.

Chia seeds, also known as Salvia hispanica are a member of the mint family that grows all over southern Mexico. Today with all the talk about Mayan prophesy and 2012, it’s good to know that chia seeds were a main component of the Aztec and Mayan diets and were the basic survival ration of Aztec warriors.  Supposedly, one handful of these powerful seeds could sustain an Aztec warrior for 24 hours (while they went about their ferocious warfare which took a great deal of energy!).

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, even more so than flax seeds, and have the extra-added bonus of being powerful anti-oxidants which make them super immune boosters and keep them from rotting and going bad so you can store them for long periods of time.  Also unlike flax seeds, you do not have to grind them to release their nutrition.

Chia seeds are 90% soluble fiber which aids in digestion and elimination.  They are packed full of protein (more than any other grain) and have 5 times the calcium of milk.

The best way to eat some chia seeds is to soak them in water or other liquid until they puff up and form a hydrating gel.  Put about a third of a cup of the dry seeds into 2 cups of warm water and shake it up.  After 15 minutes, shake it up again.  Put this mixture into the refrigerator and shake it up ever so often.  Eat about 3 TBL. of the resulting gel 3 times each day or pour into another liquid and sip on it all day.

Chia Pet - Chew 'em for Natural Health

You can also add chia seeds to yogurt or sprinkle them on a salad.  Chew some Chia every day for natural health!

And yes, you can grow a chia pet cat, dog, or plant for hours of entertaining fun!

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