K is for Kellogg and the “Road to Wellville”

As a spa and wellness director at luxury spas, I have to thank John  Kellogg for being one of the founders of the American Spa Movement.  Kellogg’s Battle Creek Sanitarium was one of the first “health spas” and was based on a regime of strict exercises, wholesome nutrition (food in) and enemas (food out).

Kellogg advocated the eating of whole grains and to this end, invented (with his brother Will) one of the first whole grain cereals – Kellogg’s Corn Flakes!

At the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Kellogg’s program was based on his Seventh Day Adventist beliefs in vegetarianism and exercise.  The use of enemas was one of the main concepts at the Sanitarium, and participants were given enemas first of forced water and then followed by yogurt, to populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria and probiotics.

Kellogg and his “spa” in Battle Creek, Michigan are hysterically portrayed in the book by T.C. Boyle – “The Road to Wellville” and the movie of the same name.  Anthony Hopkins cracks me up as Kellogg, as seen in the trailer of the movie in this post!  Check out this scene with Matthew Broderick – too funny!

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3 Responses to K is for Kellogg and the “Road to Wellville”

  1. Hi Carole, I always love hearing good words about Mr. Kellogg because in addition to being ahead of his time regarding nutrition, he also was an American business man of the most noble (and, unfortunately, rare) kind. Throughout the Great Depression, while other manufacturers were laying off workers and condemning them and their families to poverty, Kellogg innovated a shorter work week, keeping everyone on at full salary. He built playgrounds and encouraged workers to go home and spend time with their families. He kept his company, his employees and the community thriving through hard times.

    • Not only all of this, he was also an accomplished surgeon. And he held one of the very first patents for peanut butter. Amazing to imagine he had the same 24 hours each day that we also get!

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