B is for Black – Basic Bylaws for dressing your Body Beautifully

Body Basics for Dressing for Natural Beauty

Does black really make you look thinner?  Why not blue?  Or red?  Black just blots you out and covers up the bumps and bulges.  Truth is, it isn’t only black that makes you look thinner – most dark tones will do the trick as well.

Here are some other ways to look thinner NOW!  (Remember, if you want to look ten pounds thinner, it might be best to lose ten pounds!)  But here are some natural beauty tricks to fool the eye -

1.  Wear black!  Or navy blue, or dark brown.  Darker colors do give a trimmer look, and also are so elegant looking that you look classy and rich.  And they give you that rich appearance – as some people believe – you can never be (look) too thin or too rich – not!  No matter what color you choose to wear, only wear one color at a time.  It lengthens the body and makes it appear tighter and trimmer.  If you must throw in another color – wear bright and sexy shoes or carry a smashing  red purse!

2.  Stand up straight.  Yes, ladies, Mama was right.  Good posture works – not only for natural health (especially of your bones and muscles), but when you stand up tall and strong, you look a little bit thinner!

3.  Watch your proportions.  Full, round shapes on top and bottom will make you look…fuller and rounder. Accentuate your smallest part.   Balance a wide leg pants with a fitted shirt, a miniskirt with a longer top, etc.  Wear a big wide belt at your waist to emphasize the smallest part!

4.  Wear a tapered jacket that emphasizes the smallest part of your body – your waist or just right under your breasts – which are being held high and proud in a really good fitting bra, right?  (See previous post – B is for Bras – Be Bodacious, But Be Real)

5.  Wear the right size clothes.  Don’t wear big clothes, thinking you will be hiding your body.  Big clothes just make you look BIG! And don’t wear clothes that are too small, they will just bring the beholder’s eyes to the places you don’t want them to look at.  Besides, tight clothes are uncomfortable.

6.  Jeans look good on everyone.  When they fit.  Make sure yours are not too tight, too low or too high – see previous post – J is for Jeans that Flatter your Figure.  Beware the dreaded muffin top!

No matter what size you are, remember you can always be a Naturally Beautiful Woman!

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