U is for Urban Chic – is it for U or is it is not for U?

Urban Chic for Natural Beauty

Every year there are new fashion trends and new fashion terms and as Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day, you’re out.”

If you’re one of the girls from Sex and the City (the early seasons) or from Gossip Girl today and you’ve got your trendy, latest style Melrose Place outfit on while you’re sipping a martini in a hot Hollywood club – well then, you better be “urban chic” cause you’re supposed to be young and cool.  To many of the younger readers, I would say it means a lot and you should pay attention to what’s in and what’s out so you can look hip and cool and trendy and today.

But what does it all mean to the more mature of us naturally beautiful women?

For us more Healthy Senior Women – quite honestly, I think it means nothing.  Regardless of what your status is – married, single, straight, lesbian, retired or still working – we just need to look like we took some time to put ourselves together.  It may not be the up-to-the-minute “urban chic” look, but we need to look in the mirror and take stock of what we see.

Do you have muffin tops (see previous post – J is for Jeans and Muffin Tops) – get yourself some jeans that are looser and lower in the waist and you’ll much more chic!

Do you have panty lines (see previous post U is for Underwear – r U Undercover Correctly?) – OMG!!!

Are your roots showing?  Are your teeth discolored?  Is your hairstyle something from your 1960 hippie days?  Is your skirt at an unflattering length – for U?  Are you wearing a little blush and a little mascara so your eyes and lips are noticeable?  Are you clothes too small, or are they too big?  Look in the mirror now and see if you look like you cared.

That’s “chic” to a naturally beautiful, Healthy Senior Woman, and I don’t care if it’s urban, suburban, or straight off the farm – we are all naturally beautiful and we should take the time to look it!




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