E is for Egg – for Extra Beautiful Hair

Eggs-traordinary Hair

Add extra shine and body to your hair with the simple and always-available egg!

To add body to your hair and boost the natural shine, take one whole egg and beat it together with the juice of one lemon.

Apply the beaten mixture all over your hair.  Leave the egg-lemon mixture on for half an hour.

Shampoo and rinse with warm water.The results are instantaneous and amazing.  The protein in the egg coats each hair streak adding body and thickness to your hair. Your hair will feel smooth and silky and soft and be full of naturally beautiful shine.

You can make all sorts of hair masks from your refrigerator including coconut, avocado, and banana – one at a time, or mix a few ingredients together for naturally beautiful shiny hair!

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3 Responses to E is for Egg – for Extra Beautiful Hair

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  2. I can’t wait to try this! With all the junk that everyone tries to sell you today (oh, excuse me, I mean ” product”…), I have been craving a way to get back the shine in my hair. I’ll let you know how it goes….

    • Hopefully you’ll like enough to subscribe to my blog! Since you live in Florida, you probably have a lot of avocados – they are fabulous in your hair!!!

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