M is for Meditation – Moments of OMMMMM

There are many ways to meditate.  And there are many reasons to meditate.  This video I have included is a very hypnotic passage into the “now.”  If you watch this short video, you will notice that you are following the flow of the words away from you on your screen.  The flow is mesmerizing and holds on to your attention.

For the entire length of the video, you are staring at the screen and following the flow and listening to the trance-like tones of the speaker guiding you to your breath and to the “now.”

You are meditating!

What exactly is meditation?  It’s tuning out everything but one point of focus.  It’s paying attention to the in and the out of your breath.  It’s concentrating on one action to the exclusion of all others.

You can meditate on this video.  Or you can dance freestyle to trance music.  You can repeat a mantra like “Om” over and over.  You can look into the flame of a candle.  You can concentrate totally and fully on the dish you are washing or the floor you are sweeping or the sheet you are ironing.  It’s all meditation.

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