S is for Sleep – Some timely tips for Sound Snoozing

Sleep is essential to Natural Health

I love my sleep.  I love to sleep 8 hours at least every night.  I love to hunker down in the blankets and put my head on the pillow and shut the lights and slumber.

Sometimes I can’t get to sleep.  Or sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night (last night!) and struggle to get back to sleeping.  Some people struggle with this problem all the time.  And sleep is essential to your natural health and to your natural beauty.

Here are some sound tips to get you slumbering:

1.  Be prepared to sleep.  In other words, when you go to bed, go to sleep.  Reading and writing and watching TV in bed will trick your mind into thinking the bed’s not just for sleep – it is (and for sex, if that’s in the picture).

2.  Write in your gratitude journal just before you go to bed.  That way, you’ll have pleasant thoughts to lull you to la la land.  Don’t watch the news!  It’s all bad, it’s all the same, it’s not a good thing to do when you want to calm down and fall asleep.

3.  Try meditating.  Calm down your mind.  Close your eyes.  Follow your breath.  Relax.  Breathe. Rest.  Listen to the sounds of silence.  Sleep.

4.  Don’t nap during the day after 3 PM.  Nothing wrong with a little napping here and there for 20 minutes to give you some extra oomph to your day.  But too close to bedtime will keep you up.

See next post – S is for Sleep – Several more Suggestions for Sound Slumber

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