T is for Two 0 1 Two – 2012 – Tips to Take into The New Year To make you feel Terrific

Happy New Year - Here's to Natural Health and Natural Beauty

Do you promise to quit smoking every New Year’s Eve, only to start sneaking cigarettes a few weeks later? Do you join a weight loss group every January, only to be back to your old eating habits by the middle of March? Instead of swearing off resolutions as impossible dreams, it may be time to develop some workable strategies for making them come true, one step at a time.  By following this simple advice you can succeed in the New Year easily!
•    Break up Big Tasks
It’s important to be realistic. Try taking large goals and breaking them into smaller ones so that you have something to celebrate every single day.
•    Make a Timeline
Make a timeline for meeting your goal. Refer back to it on a regular basis to make sure that you’re staying on track.
•    Use the Buddy System
One of the best things that you can do is get a buddy to whom you can be accountable. You can call each other up for support when you need it, or just to get a little appreciation when you’ve accomplished something important.
•    Create a List of Benefits
Make a list of your reasons why you want to achieve this goal and how your life will be more satisfying or successful once you get there.
•    Keep a Journal
A journal will help you stay on track by identifying all your positive steps and making it hard to lie to yourself.
•    Celebrate Little Successes
Think positive and congratulate yourself on your little successes. If you go off your diet and have a piece of cake, enjoy it and then get back on track. Hey, you didn’t eat the whole cake. Backing yourself up like this can be a powerful thing.

•    Relax
And most of all, no matter what you’re doing, take time to just enjoy some silence and serenity. Breathe deeply, relax and say, “Wow, I did it.”

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