Y is for Yantra – sYmbols of the Divine Feminine

Saraswati Yantra for Natural Health and Beauty and Love

Yantras, like mandalas, are Hindu representations of deities and are used for meditation and rituals.  Yantras are usually very geometrical, while mandalas can be pictures surrounded by geometrics.  Basically, they serve the same purpose, which is to focus the eyes and the concentration on something so that the mind is free to meditate.

The three basic tools of Tantric Yoga are yantras, mantras, and mandalas.  In Tantra, each act of life is performed as a ritual, much like many other religions welcoming each act by prayer.  Mantras are the sounds of prayer, while yantras and mandalas are the symbols.  Chanting a mantra as simple as “Om” can make your body resonate with the sounds of meditation.   Gazing upon the circular, repetitive or geometric shape of a mandala or yantra will eliminate the distractions of the outer world and bring the focus to one place, the inner being.

Yantras are usually a symbol of one particular deity and the rituals that go with each one are specific to that deity and the special domain of that deity alone. The yantra above is the Saraswati Yantra.  Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and learning, of music and the arts.  Saraswati can bring you blessings in love and relationships as well as healing and knowledge.  Saraswati brings inspiration and help for artists, musicians and all kinds of creativity.  (See previous post – S is for Saraswati.)

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