U is for Underwear – R U Undercover Correctly

Naturally Beautiful Underwear

Are you one of these naturally beautiful women who are wearing the same kind of underwear you wore in high school – even if high school was 40 or 50 years ago?  Don’t laugh  – it’s a common thing!  Even I was reluctant to try something new, but I’ve changed from a high waisted, elastic legged panty to a seamless boy short that gives me no lines – and I’ll never go back!

Most of us (except for the commandos) wear underpants every day, but we don’t really put a lot of thought into it.  I tried the thong, but ick!  I wasn’t thrilled to have a piece of dental floss separating my butt, and what is the purpose of a thong anyway?  IMHO, might as well wear nothing!

So how do you choose this important piece of clothing you wear every day right next to your skin?  Go for comfort and fit, rather than fashion.  Those thongs might look sexy, but if you’re walking around grabbing your butt every five minutes, do you really think that looks sexy?

Choose the right size.  We’ve already talked about muffin tops in jeans (J is for Jeans and Muffin Tops – the last thing you want is tight elastic creating that very ugly and unwanted muffin top!  Nobody will look at the tag to see what size you’re wearing, so go for the right one.  And don’t get panties that are too big, cause they’ll just be another source of wedgie all day long!

As sexy as those silk or satin panties might look, they don’t breathe and will cause you to sweat which might cause you to get infections or crotch itch!  Cotton is the most breathable and Lycra, Microfiber, bamboo, cashmere, silk-feel nylons, high quality polyesters with cotton crotches all can work well.



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