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K is for KISS – Without maKeup – you decide!

Who would have thought that on a blog about Natural Beauty and Health for Women, the most popular post would be not about women, but about KISS without makeup!

KISS - natural beauty without makeup!!!!!

So here we are again and it is the week of “K” and we’ve got to give the people what they want.  These guys are the ultimate makeup wearers!   But haven’t you ever wondered why people wear makeup – and I only say “people” because look at KISS!  Most men would not be caught dead with makeup, and I guess that’s what made KISS so unusual (certainly not the only reason!!).

So why do women wear makeup?

Women wear makeup to appear more attractive to men.  Yet, in the animal kingdom, the male of the species struts and preens to attract the female.

And do men actually like women in makeup – Here’s what one man said – “What was that soap commercial years ago, “The Ivory Girl”, that’s what I like. I don’t mind the makeup as long as it doesn’t go the clown route, a bit for a nice dress up evening to enhance their beauty.”

Here’s another quote from another guy – “Well, I can speak for some guys, when I say a little make up is good, but some of us, prefer the natural look that girls have, I mean underneath it all, it’s who you are, so why cover it up with globs of make-up? “  Yay for natural beauty!  And for natural health!

Men on dating sites all seem to want women who know how to look good in jeans and look good dressed up – women want a man who is willing to wear a tuxedo!   When you get right down to it, it depends on the occasion – too much makeup and you could end up looking more like Coco The Clown than Coco Chanel;  as for wearing no makeup at all, not many of us are willing to go bare!

Let’s leave the heavy makeup to the heavy metal guys — here’s a link to  KISS!



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K is for Keira Knightley – very sKinny, please Keep eating!

Keira Knightley - Natural Beauty or a Little Too Little?

Keira - Kompletely Kosmetic!







Keira Knightley – star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” – 22 years old, 5’7″ and somewhere between 105 and 122 pounds.  A little too thin some may say, but she sure does “klean” up well!  Or maybe those jewels are just bedazzling my eyes!

Keira swears that she’s not anorexic and that she comes from a family where her grandmother and great-grandmother actually were, so she knows for a fact that she’s not.  But she sure is sKinny!  Her diet consists of eating whatever, but only whenever she feels hungry (maybe not as often as the rest of us).  She’s been Known to down a bowl of tomato soup and MC Champagne at the Ritz!  And some days, she will only eat breakfast (my stomach is growling already!)

Three days a week, for one and a half hours, Keira works out with a personal trainer.  She swims to keep her body lean and toned, lifts weights and does crunches to trim her upper body, and stretches to keep her entire body flexible.

As a naturally beautiful woman, you want to keep your weight at a healthy level that will supply your body with enough nutrients to keep your energy up, prevent illness, and help you to become a Healthy Senior Woman and live long and prosper.  Celebrities who are too thin are not people for us to idolize or try to imitate.  Their are plenty of healthy celebrities out there who are great examples of how we should look, eat and act.  I’m not saying Keira has an eating disorder.  From what I gather, her dad was a tall, skinny guy as well.  But popular media makes it seem that if we’re not stick thin like many celebrities, then we are not good enough or not beautiful enough or not as desirable.  What I want to say is that each and every one of us has our beautiful qualities and is lovely, lively and luscious!  Keep on eating please!


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J is for Jennifer Aniston – without makeup – still just gor-Jus!

Jennifer without makeup - a natural beauty

Jennifer with makeup

Jennifer Aniston – a friend of all women – naturally beautiful women, healthy senior women!


She’s just gorgeous no matter whether she has makeup on or not.  After all, look at those two photos – not much of a difference, huh???  And she doesn’t use all that much makeup – a little primer to smooth out her skin with some light foundation over it, a little blush (we all need some rosy cheeks to make us look young and healthy), then some smouldering eyeshadow to make her blue eyes pop, and a little bit of mascara.

Jennifer’s healthy glow comes not only from using neutral, toned-down makeup, but also from her yoga practice which keeps her beautiful from the inside out.  She mixes it up with some cardio to keep her fit, and she washes her face with gentle and pure Neutrogena soap.

Most of all she drinks lot and lots of water.  (See previous post:  D is for Drink Water – #1 Key to Natural Health).  In fact, this “Friend” of natural health and natural beauty is so much into water that she is the spokesperson for Smartwater, an “enhanced” water that may or may not be healthier for us to drink.


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D is for Demi Moore – Definitely Delightful Without Makeup?

Demi - Natural Beauty even without Makeup

With all the talk about Ashton Kutcher taking over Charlie Sheen’s place on Two and a Half Men, there’s got to be a lot of the spotlight shining on wife Demi Moore.  In the world of natural beauty, the 48 year old beauty married to the 33 year old star is a topic we need to talk about – can we healthy senior women develop relationships with men who are younger than us?

When you get to be a certain age, you’re told that the statistics for finding a partner don’t look so good.  It could be that men in their 50s and 60s are in relationship, or not interested, or gay, or whatever.  REMEMBER – it only takes one – don’t go by statistics or odds.

But if there aren’t that many age appropriate eligible men around, what’s a woman to do?  Well, we could all be like Demi who was able to find a romantic, sensitive, engaged and engaging young hunk like Ashton!

The two of them, Demi and Ashton, recently remarked on what makes their marriage work -

“You have to make your relationship a priority, and that’s a difficult balance when you have work, the combination of career and family,” Moore said. “I think we spend very little time apart.”

“It’s working on the relationship when the relationship is good,” Kutcher added.

So no matter what your age, or whether or not you wear makeup to make yourself a natural beauty, the answer to a successful relationship is work, work, work!

And Doesn’t Demi look Delectable as a Definite natural beauty???

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K is for Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I don’t really know a lot about the Kardarshians – but it appears to be important these days to be “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”  And after all we are on the letter K and Kim Kardashian is a KK!  What I have found out is that her father was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, her stepfather is Bruce Jenner (a former Olympics winner who recently had a facelift), and she has 4 sisters (including Khloe and Kourtney – more letter K’s) who are equally as beautiful as she is.  For you letter K enthusiasts (and we all are this week) – Kim’s mother is Kris (Jenner) and her two daughters are Kylie and Kendall (and I was worried about the letter K!!!).

KK with no makeup

The Kardashians are the quintessential reality show heroines – rich and beautiful (with or without makeup obviously). Like Paris Hilton, they are hounded by the paparazzi and prized for their celebrity status at parties and events.  The Kardashian sisters made $65 million in 2010 from their boutiques (D-A-S-H), television show, books, music, endorsements, and party appearances.

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to!

(Please forgive me – but this is the letter K!!!)

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