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E is for Elegance – Essentially Easy for Everyone

Elegance – taste, grace, refinement and style – all traits of truly naturally beautiful women.  Elegance comes not only from the outside, but also has to do with an inner sense of peace and luxury and richness.  Elegance has to do with the qualities of self-confidence and self-esteem we all can practice and achieve.

Elegant women cultivate a sense of beauty.   Money may or may not buy elegance – you can actually purchase elegant things at Goodwill or a neighborhood garage sale.  Instead of spending money on a bunch of cheap throwaway clothes, you can buy one piece of elegantly made,  exquisite classic clothing and learn how to accessorize.

No matter what your pocketbook may hold, you can be elegant. If you can’t afford Chanel, look for something similar at an outlet store, or Off 5th or Last Call by Neiman Marcus or Loehmann’s.

You can go to a consignment shop or a garage sale, or you can organize a Clothing Swap Party and exchange clothes while having fun with your friends (see N is for Naked Lady Parties).  Money can buy you clothes, but it can’t necessarily buy you taste.  Pick up a copy of the latest Vogue or Elle and look at what’s beautiful.  Then go out and get the look on your own budget.

Sure, having a lot of money can make elegance easier, but you can be a naturally elegant woman with these tips that don’t cost much:

  1.  Smile – You will look more elegant if you think positive thoughts on the inside and radiate happiness and positivity on the outside.
  2. Always wear clean and unwrinkled clothing  - and polish your shoes for an elegant look.
  3. Quantity doesn’t count for elegance – quality does.  Clean out your closets and get rid of everything that doesn’t look right, fit right, and make you feel fabulous!
  4. Be impeccable with your words (see I is for Impeccability – with your Word).  The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz is a simple spiritual practice that will bring elegance into your world.  Be polite.  Speak kindly of people. Keep negativity to yourself.
  5. Home elegance can come with a few fine touches, like one beautiful flower in a lovely vase – simply divine!
  6. Practice elegance in your relationships.  Learn one or two things and do them well.  Develop friendships with people who share your interests.
  7.  Be genuinely interested in other people.  Be a good listener, rather than a good talker.
  8. Express gratitude whenever you can.  Send a thank-you note (or email) to a hostess.  Reciprocate invitations.
  9. Be of service to the world.  Give time if you don’t have money; help others with love and compassion.
  10. And once again, smile – Clothes do not make the naturally elegant woman, smiles do!


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E is for Elegance – Emulate these Excellent Women

Elegant Grace

Elegant Catherine Deneuve

Elegant Audrey

Elegance – refinement, taste, style, grace – all characteristics of these lovely women.  Yes, they were Hollywood icons, probably with tons of stylists walking behind them doing their hair and makeup and trailing wardrobes racks full of Valentino and Chanel.

But more than that, they exuded a sense of peace and luxury and ultimate richness.  This comes not only from the outer beauty they each certainly had, but also inner qualities of self-confidence and self-esteem that we naturally beautiful women can practice and achieve.

Elegant women have wonderful posture.  When your mother (and my mother looked just like that photo of Catherine Deneuve!) told you not to slouch and to sit up straight, she was guiding you on your journey to elegance.

Elegant women cultivate a sense of beauty.  You don’t have to be a millionairess to have beautiful things – they can be found at Goodwill or a neighborhood garage sale.  You just have to learn how to spot a well-made article of clothing or home decor.  You don’t need 100 pieces of trashy clothing that will wear out and look tacky.  Buy a few pieces of really exquisite classic clothing and learn how to accessorize.

If you don’t have the funds to travel to elegant places, learn how to make a few elegant dishes from a foreign cuisine.  Throw small dinner parties where you can show off your elegant knowledge!

See the next post – E is for Elegance – How to be Exquisite on any Budget

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