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D is for Darkness – Don’t Despair – Daylight will Dawn!

Darkness and Light are both parts of Natural Health

Well, we made it past Valentine’s Day and I’m happy to say, at least for me, it was a rather nice day after all.  So I’m here to tell you that you may wake up in the morning and think that all that there is today is deep despair and darkness, but somehow, some way I know you will find the Dawn!

If you are struggling with crises, be they mental, physical, emotional, real or imagined, it doesn’t seem that anything will ever change.  But I know, I really know that, as trite as it may seem – This Too Shall Pass!

Whatever is going on in this very moment for you, it will be the next moment soon, and another moment after that.  I’ve mentioned before that those in the darkest dungeon of despair who contemplate suicide don’t really want to die.  Most of them just want things to get better, to change, to have the despair be over and find some happiness in their lives.

There are so many things you can do to cheer yourself up.  I don’t want to trivialize depression and despair and I hope that if things are so bad that you can’t look up and you can’t cheer up day after day – you will please find some help.

But if you need just a little help, please try some of these things.  Smile – turning your lips up instead of down may make you happy for a moment.  Sing – Zip A Dee Doo Dah can brighten your day.  Watch a funny movie or a funny TV show – it worked for Norman Cousins (Anatomy of an Illness) to cure his ‘terminal’ illness and it might just work for you.  Get a massage – having yourself pampered can’t hurt, can it? Help someone who is worse off than you – it’s an act of faith to give back and it’s been said you can’t be in Faith and Fear at the same time.  Write three things down in a Gratitude Journal (see previous Post – J is for Journaling – Just for Gratitude).

So hang on.  For another moment.  And know that without the darkness, it is almost impossible to notice the light.  Here comes the sun – right now!


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U is for Uncertainty – It happens to U and to me


I’ve been sitting here for a very long time uncertain about what to write for “U.” Literally – U, you.  And I’ve been thinking about just going to bed and forgetting it for today.  But I decided to take a chance -  and started reading about Uncertainty — and then came Faith and Trust – and I realized that U really was for U being able to be Uncertain about things and being okay with it.  (Or actually me.)

Motivational and inspiration speakers place such an enormous amount of energy on how to succeed, how to think and grow rich, how to go forth being certain of the outcome and attracting it to you.

Uncertainty is Good for your Natural Health

But what about the dark nights of the soul when you lose your faith and forget that you can trust and you become uncertain about the outcome or even that this minute might ever get better?  Debbie Ford, www.debbieford.com, author of The Shadow Effect, cautions us that we must go into the darkness and the shadow to see and appreciate the light.  It’s not easy to think that there might actually be light again, at the end of a tunnel or wherever, but that’s where faith comes in.  It might seem like a crock of crap right now, but we perservere to the next day somehow — almost always.  Faith the size of a mustard seed (spiritual, intellectual, new age, metaphysical – doesn’t have to mean religious) is all it takes to put the next foot forward and trust  .  .  .

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