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W is for Weight Loss – More Ways to Win your Weight Loss Wish

Weight Loss for Natural Health

We continue on with Ways to Win Your Weight Loss Wish!

4.  Drink Water.  I’ll say it again, drink more water.  Water will fill you up.  Water will help what goes in to come back out.  Water will keep your skin and your hair luxurious and moist.  Money might be the root of evil, but water is the root of natural health.  I can’t say it too many times – so read my previous posts – D is for Drink Water.

5.  Learn how to eat sensibly for the rest of your life.  Fad diets don’t work.  The pure boredom of eating uninteresting foods day in and day out will drive you to the ice cream store for a double dip super-duper deluxe size ice cream binge.  You might lose a pound or two eating only grapefruit or whatever for a week, but this is not the way to learn how to maintain your ideal weight.  And that’s really the goal.  Not just to drop a number down on a scale, but to improve your natural health by weighing what you should.

6.  Move your body.  Get up and dance.  Learn a new sport.  Walk around the block.  Just do something.  You’ll never lose weight  or be healthy if you just sit in one place – so add some steps to your life.  You’ll not only lose some weight, you’ll feel better and when you feel better, your natural beauty soars!

7.  Buy a 9″ plate and eat off of it.  Size does matter.  If you put food on a big plate, you’ll eat a big meal.  You can fool the eye by eating off a smaller plate – it will seem like you’ve eaten more.  And portion control is key to losing weight!  (see previous post - P is for Portion – Pay Attention to the Plate.)

Tomorrow we’ll have more ways to weight loss!  Stay tuned to Win!


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Q is for Quorn – Quien Sabe???? Qan it be good for you or is it really bad?

Quorn - Good or Bad for Natural Health???

British people have never been known for good food – sorry all my Brit friends!  And Quorn, a meat substitute similar to tempeh, is in the headlines now for not only being less than tasty, but also being harmful to your natural health.

(N.B. – Quien Sabe is Spanish for “who knows?” but more commonly used to express – HUH???)

I have never been a fan of meat substitutes for vegetarians.  I think people who are anti-meat should also be anti anything that is made to look like meat.  If you think eating hot dogs is bad, then don’t you think eating pressed soy curd formed into a hot dog shape to be eaten on a bun with sauerkraut and mustard is saying that you miss meat and see the point in consuming it?  IMHO!  So I object to “Quorn meatballs” or the “Classic Burger” or “Chik’n Patties.”

Quorn is a protein-rich food from fungi (mycoprotein) obtained by cultivating a fungus (Fusarium venenatum) in vats on a glucose-rich medium. The fungus is a mold, not a mushroom.  That sounds disgusting to me, although I have been known to eat Huitlacoche, a Mexican delicacy which is just a fungus that grows on corn.  Not Quorn.

Our “friends” over at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency have determined that Quorn is safe and still allow its sale. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit food-safety organization based in Washington, D.C. and really our friends who care about our natural health,  has heard from more than 1,500 consumers in Europe and the United States who have suffered reactions to Quorn.  If you are one of the people who have had an allergic reaction to this product, you can register your complaint at the CSPI website at http://www.cspinet.org/quorn/.

Another N.B. – I personally eat a mostly vegetarian diet – but to me vegetables and fruits are great in and of themselves, and don’t need to be substituted by foods that resemble meat.  IMHO!


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