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J is for Jai Uttal – Joyful Jamming with Krishna Das

There are many ways to express yourself spiritually, many ways that include  meditation or prayer or sacred dance.  In India and throughout the world for those who follow Hindu beliefs, there is Kirtan.  The Sanskrit word kirtan means “singing, chanting, and praising the Divine.”  Kirtan, or joyful chanting, is so simple anyone can do it.   The repetition of the music and mantras being sung bring one into an ecstatic trance which opens up the mind to be able to meditate more deeply.

Meditation doesn’t come easy to all of us.  There are many of us who find that by being silent,  we become even more aware of every sound and action around us, rather than becoming still.  By repeating simple mantras over and over, faster and faster, the kirtan is an easy way for people to experience some freedom from the daily chatter of the mind.  By allowing nothing into the mind but the sacred mantra, the mind becomes focused and undistracted and attuned to prayer.

The power of collective prayer is not singular to Hinduism.  Even Jesus extolled the power of  shared prayer – “When two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  By singing together in this mesmerizing fashion, we create a common trance-like vibrational frequency that raises the collective consciousness and increases the power of the prayer.

Jaya Bhagavan
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Praise be to God in the Infinite form. Oh Lord, Supreme force, I offer myself unto You.

Jai Uttal (www.jaiuttal.com) and Krishna Das (www.krishnadas.com), two of the best kirtan singers.

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