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L is for Lemons – for Less coughs and Less weight

Lemons for Lots of Natural Beauty and Natural Health

Lemons just look like they are bursting with natural health, don’t they!  Bright and sunny and yellow.  Since ancient times, lemons have been used for their incredible healing properties.  Lemon juice and lemon peel and lemon seeds all have powerful detoxifying properties.  Lemon can be very helpful in reducing coughs and helping to relieve flu symptoms.  Boil some water and put a medium-sized lemon in the pot for about 15 minutes.  Once the lemon is soft, cut it and squeeze out the juice, making sure to strain it to get rid of the pulp.  Add about 3 TBL. of honey to the lemon juice and take 1 TBL. 3 times a day.  This is especially helpful during flu season!

Lemon juice mixed with warm water will go through your body and rid it of a lot of the chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals that attack our bodies all day long.  A lemon detox is created by blending lemons with hot water. The result is a natural remedy. The solution helps with digestive issues and other conditions such as heartburn, nausea and constipation. A solution of lemon and hot water acts to flush toxins from the liver. This prevents harmful toxins from being absorbed by the body. Lemon peels have been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, a plus for diabetics.

Some say that lemons mixed with cayenne pepper and water is a magical Master Cleanse that will enable you to lose lots of weight easily while detoxifying your body (see previous post – C is for Cayenne and Beyoncé’s Crazy Cayenne Diet).

Lemons are great for do it yourself hair and skin treatments.  See the next post for some great lemony tips!

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