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E is for Ergonomics – Sit up Straight for Natural Health & Beauty

Ergonomics for Natural Beauty

I can hear my mother right now as I sit at my computer – Sit up Straight.  Stop Slouching.  How many of us sit or stand in one position all day as we work or write or cook?  And how many of us complain of achy backs and sore necks and all sorts of other muscle aches and pains?

Ergonomic chairs for Natural Health and good posture

There are chairs designed to hold you ergonomically correct with all your muscles and bones in correct alignment which will help to prevent strains and keep you pain-free.




Here are a few exercises that will help to relieve the strains of sitting incorrectly until you can buy one of those chairs:

Give your achy joints and overused muscles a much-needed rest by taking periodic breaks and stretching each muscle slowly.

Back Exercise


Stand up straight with your legs spread shoulder width apart.  Raise your right arm overhead, bending to one side. Count to 5. Come to the middle and then repeat on the opposite side. Do 3 times daily.
Stand, holding the lower back with hands for support, and slowly arch backwards, counting to 5. Then bend forward, placing your hands on your knees, and count to 5. Do each of these back stretches at least three times daily.

Neck Exercise


Try to touch your left ear to your shoulder. Gently bring chin to chest and roll your head to the right until the right ear gets close to the shoulder. Do this stretch several times during the day.

Shoulders Exercise


Standing with your feet hip width apart, circle your shoulders forward, then backward. Repeat this exercise often.
Cross your arms over your chest and hold for a count of five. Holding your arm one at a time above the elbows, push your arms back and hold for five. Repeat this stretch often.

Hands & Wrists Exercise

Hands & Wrists

Tightly clench your fists and then release, fanning out the fingers. Repeat this five times.
Rest your forearm on a table top. Grasp the fingers of each hand (one at a time) and gently bend back your wrist for at least 5 seconds.


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