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T is for Tomatoes on your Tresses – Too Too Terrific

Tomato Hair Rinse for Natural Beauty

Tomatoes Good for your Hair's Natural Beauty








Got a dog?  Did it ever get sprayed by a skunk?  Then you know the cure for skunk smell is tomato juice.  Tomatoes aren’t fabulous just for skunk head, they’re pretty good for some other head uses.  Any kind of hair product will restore your hair’s pH to normal, as well as get rid of swimming pool chlorine.

Ketchup really can’t be classified as a vegetable (sorry President Reagan), but it is great mixed with oil for dry hair.  Mix the ketchup with a tablespoon of some good oil (sweet almond or extra virgin or avocado) and apply to hair. Leave the ketchup mixture on your hair for 10 15 minutes.  The proteins in the mixture will repair some damage from dryness and pollution.

If your hair is blonde, only leave it on your hair for a very short time as it will leave some red residue.

But if your hair has turned green because you didn’t listen to my recommendations on how to cut down on chemical damage from chlorine (See Previous Post - C is for Chlorine – Cutting Down on Chemical Challenges), never fear.  Get some pure organic tomato juice or tomato sauce and put it on your hair.  Leave it in for 15 minutes (less for blondes!) and rinse it out.  You should be green-free and totally tress-terrific!


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