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W is for Water Aerobics – Wet, Wild & Wonderful Exercise

Water Aerobics is great for Natural Health

Grab your suit, pick up a noodle, jump in the pool, and start your engines!  Water aerobics is one of the most perfect exercises – with weights it is a great cardiovascular workout, it’s done in warm-ish water with a lot of friendly people, and it will get you fit and smiling and happy in no time at all!

Once this great workout was touted as a way to get senior citizens up and moving.  But the more the effects were studied, the greater the range of participants became.  From Olympic athletes who could exercise longer in the water to horses who can’t get on the treadmill easily to repair injuries but love the warm water walking when they’re hurt, water aerobics is now for everyone!

The benefits of exercising in the water are a result of the increased resistance when you push through the water with your legs or used a cupped hand to scoop and push the heavy water.  The resistance is up to 10 times that of exercising in the air and on the land and the calories you will burn up also are greatly increased.

Here are some comparisons between land and water exercise:

  • Land walking: 135 calories
  • Deep water walking: 264 calories
  • Jogging on land: 240 calories
  • Deep water jogging: 340 calories

Jump right in and Get WET – What are We Waiting for?

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